The ERA-EDTA Registry is an official body of the ERA-EDTA

On May 30 2014, ERA-EDTA and Arbor Research signed a collaboration agreement for the creation of EURODOPPS. This newly established joint venture brings together the strengths of two initiatives; the Dialysis Outcomes and Practice Patterns Study (DOPPS) and the ERA-EDTA Registry; in collecting and analyzing epidemiological data on hemodialysis patients in Europe.

EURODOPPS data includes seven countries: Germany, Italy, France, United Kingdom, Belgium, Spain, and Sweden. The partnership facilitates research conducted by European investigators using EURODOPPS data to address scientific and policy questions that are of interest to the European nephrology community and health care authorities.

For the purpose of conducting and supervising the research, a special EURODOPPS Oversight Committee has been created. The members of this committee are:

  • Fergus Caskey (ERA-EDTA)
  • Christian Combe (country investigator France)
  • Kitty Jager (ERA-EDTA)
  • Werner Kleophas (country investigator Germany)
  • Ziad Massy (ERA-EDTA)
  • Bruce Robinson (Arbor Research)
  • Francesca Tentori (Arbor Research)

Research Proposals

The EURODOPPS project is keen to receive proposals from external investigators for possible analyses. More information on the available data will be presented on this website soon, but is also available on the DOPPS website. Additional information can be obtained via dr. Anneke Kramer at

There will be two phases to the development of such proposals. First, investigators are asked to submit a brief letter of intent using the standard EURODOPPS research application form . They will receive the decision about their first stage proposal, which will be based on published and on-going DOPPS analyses and data availability. A second stage, more detailed proposal is to be submitted thereafter. Investigators will be encouraged to liaise with the EURODOPPS team at the Academic Medical Center prior to this second deadline to clarify, for example, available data items and completeness. Awarded proposals will be announced at the upcoming ERA-EDTA Congress.

There will be no call for EURODOPPS research proposals for 2017. Dates for future rounds will be published on this website.

As EURODOPPS data cannot leave the Academic Medical Centre in Amsterdam, there are two possible levels of EURODOPPS support that investigators can request for their analyses:

  1. They can request to visit the EURODOPPS team in Amsterdam for an internship. They will receive assistance with the statistics and interpretation from the EURODOPPS Senior Epidemiologist and assistance in writing the paper from the EURODOPPS Oversight Committee (EDOC). They should plan to stay at least 6 weeks to work on the analyses. In order to qualify for this assistance investigators need to have proven experience in statistical analysis in STATA / SAS. Funding for such internships can be sought from local or national sources or from the annual ERA-EDTA travel fellowship scheme (Registry Research Fellowships, see also ).

  2. If an investigator is not able to undertake an internship in Amsterdam and would like the EURODOPPS team to do the analyses for them, this will also be possible. The investigator will then receive the results of the analyses so that they can lead on the preparation of the manuscript. They will receive assistance from the EURODOPPS Senior Epidemiologist and the EDOC in the writing of the paper.

In both cases the planning and timing of (assistance with the) analyses will be prioritized by the EDOC.

Letters of intent should be submitted through email to They will be reviewed on a rolling basis by the EDOC. Applicants will be contacted within 2-4 weeks for further discussion of the proposed research project and a review of the formal application process.