PRD Coding & Definitions Working Group


  • Charles R.V. Tomson

2012 and 2018 version

  • Keith Simpson
  • Kitty J. Jager
  • Marlies Noordzij
  • Ronald Cornet
  • Yongsheng Gao

2012 version

  • Benedicte Stengel
  • Carola Gronhagen-Riska
  • Chris Reid
  • Christian Jacquelinet
  • Elke Schaeffner
  • Els Boeschoten
  • Francesco Casino
  • Frederic Collart
  • Gopalakrishnan Venkat-Raman
  • Johan De Meester
  • Oscar Zurriaga
  • Reinhard Kramar

Terms and Conditions

This ERA-EDTA Coding system for Primary Renal Disease and the related web-based search tool ( are tools assisting in recording the diagnosis of a renal disease. They are offered for free to those who want to use it for research, teaching and for improvement of the quality of care for patients after a diagnosis has been made by the nephrologist caring for the patient. In publications users are kindly requested to cite the related paper:

Venkat-Raman G. et al.
New primary renal diagnosis codes for the ERA-EDTA.
Nephrol Dial Transplant 2012; 27(12):4414-9.

This ERA-EDTA Registry PRD data item incorporates SNOMED CTŠ, used by permission of the International Health Terminology Standards Development Organisation. SNOMED CTŠ was originally created by the College of American Pathologists. SNOMED CT is a registered trademark of the International Health Terminology Standards Development Organisation, all rights reserved.